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We represent persons criminally accused in a wide-range of offenses, including guns, robbery, aggravated assault, homicide, distribution of narcotics, and other crimes. We also represent the wrongfully accused on appeals and post-conviction collateral relief petitions.   


We do not treat our clients with contempt. We understand that life is complicated and that no one is perfect. Some people get caught, many do not. Some people make mistakes; others are wrongfully accused. No matter what, however, everyone deserves a good defense.



Have a prior conviction that the government is using as an excuse to prevent you from legally owning firearms? As an American citizen, if you are not committing a crime or on probation or parole, you have a natural right to lawfully defend yourself. The Second Amendment says “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.” This Amendment was written to protect everyone, not just police officers, court personnel, and persons who lawmakers deem are “worthy” enough to be safe. Despite the plain language of the Second Amendment, however, government officials will prosecute you for exercising your right to be safe unless you obtain a gun rights restoration.


We assist reformed citizens who have completed their prior terms of confinement and supervision obtain gun right restorations. Everyone should be equal under the law; constitutional rights should not be limited to the chosen few.


We represent people who have been victimized by government officials. These matters include claims of false arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution, unlawful search and seizure, retaliation, and more.



Sometimes lawmakers pass bad laws that cause more problems than they solve and which end up violating constitutionally protected liberties. Unconstitutional laws are a threat to our constitutional republic because they grant too much unchecked power to government officials. The unfortunate truth is that government officials will violate your constitutional rights if you let them. Freedom is not free.  


We challenge laws that infringe the Bill of Rights, such as the right to freedom of speech and association, religion, equal protection, Second Amendment, and more. 

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